One of the key things employers are looking for are skills, we recommend adding 10-15 of your best skills to give them an idea of what you can do. You can specify a maximum of 25 skills from the list. 

When you start typing in your skills, a drop-down list will appear that shows the skills we have that match what you've entered so far. If your particular skill is not shown in the drop-down list you can create a new skill, however in order to get a match against the skills you enter, we would encourage you to restrict yourself to the list of already provisioned skills, as this is what an employer is most likely to search against. Stick to generic titles rather than vanity or brand related role where possible. We regularly review the “new” skills added by people like yourself and then add them to the list. 

Skills not in our list will appear in red until we have verified that our employers understand these so that you are aware that the skill you have selected is not in common use. When and if it gets provisioned it will automatically turn white. Endorsed skills are displayed in blue and rank you higher in job matches. 

To get your skills endorsed you will need to work or have worked with a JobGetter employer or Job Service Agency. For more information about getting your skills endorsed, send us an email to: