This is where you get to tell us your current job seeking status. 

Your choices are:

Available on Short Notice: 

You are immediately available, and not obliged to give a current employer any notice. This implies that you are also both “Actively Looking” and “Open to Opportunities”. As a result you will also be matched with jobs that require someone to start immediately as well as any other roles that you may be suitable for.

Actively Looking: 

You are available and looking for a job, but you may not be able to start straight away. This also implies that you are “Open to Opportunities”.

Open to Opportunities: 

Basically you have a job, or are otherwise occupied, but would consider a change if a good offer came along.

Not Actively Looking: 

You have a job, or don’t have the need for a job - we will not match you to any jobs and will not send you any job emails or notifications.