5 simple steps to post a job on JobGetter


Posting Your Job

            Posting Your Job                       

On the left hand side of your Employer dashboard, you'll find the option to 'Post A Job'. Click here to get started.



1. Location

            1. Location                       

Set the location of where the person will be working, so we can notify those in the area that match your job. You can select a job template to quickly post your job.



2. Job Details

            2. Job Details                       
  1. List the job title of this role.
  2. Job description - here you can include all details of the job e.g. Responsibilities, skills required, previous experience required, who the person will be reporting to, job culture, remuneration etc.
  3. Select the days required - select the days that the person will be required to work.
  4. If the days vary, check 'Notify people who can partially cover the requested days' and we'll match candidates who are flexible to cover your selected days.
  5. Select the times that the candidates are required to work.
  6. If you're looking to hire by a specific date, select a start date. This field is optional.
  7. Select whether the position is full time, part time or casual


3. Matching

            3. Matching                       
  1. Select all the skills and qualifications that you require this candidate to have - this too is what we are going to use to match candidates with your job. We recommend adding 3-5 skills here for the best result.
  2. If you check 'Must have all skills' those candidates that don't have these skills and qualifications will not be able to apply. While you may get better candidates, you may also limit the number of candidates by not allowing those who have similar skills to apply.
  3. Desired skills - here you can list all the soft skills and personal attributes so we can help rank your best candidates. E.g. If you enter attention to detail and excellent customer service skills, those with these in their profile will appear higher in your list of candidates.
  4. Select all the industry or site shortlist that are relevant to your job so that those in those shortlists can get notified about your opening.
  5. If you wish to hire internally or wish to promote internal staff, check 'Post this to my existing staff' and notify those in your company as well.
  6. You can choose to notify people are 'Actively looking & Available on short notice' or 'Available on notice only' if you need someone fast. Posting to those that are 'Open to opportunities' mean they may not be actively looking and could already have a job but are open to greater opportunities.
  7. You can select distance from the job location you want to pull candidates from and we'll notify candidates within this realm.


4. Preview

            4. Preview                       

See the job ad preview the same way your candidates do. Make any necessary changes before you finalize your post.



5. Finalize

            5. Finalise                       

1. You can check this to receive an email for every application however, checking this may result in email avalanche as each applicant's resume and cover letter will be sent to your email. You can still sort, interview and message candidates through your JobGetter Employer Dashboard.

2. Payment - we'll tell you how many job credits you have left.

Once you're happy, go to the 'Finalize' step and hit 'Post'!

Hope you start to see some good results soon - Happy recruiting!