This is how-to guide on setting up your JobGetter Job Feed on your Wordpress Site.

Log on to your Wordpress Admin Panel / Dashboard


Once you're logged in, head to plugins on the left sidebar and click 'Add New'

Find the Jobgetter Widget


Next, find the JobGetter Widget plugin on the Wordpress Marketplace by searching it. If you cannot find the JobGetter Widget on the marketplace, you can download and upload the plugin here.

Install & Activate

Configure your JobGetter Jobs Widget


Go to your plugins and find JobGetter Jobs Widget and click 'Settings' to access the configuration settings for the widget.

Enter your details


You will need to obtain the following from JobGetter if you haven't already:

  1. Affiliate Site ID
  2. Job Listing Settings ID
  3. Job Search Settings ID

You can contact email via:

Enter these into the appropriate fields and select all the pages you'd like to add your Job List & Job Search to.

If you want to be able to use the JobGetter Widgets sitewide then select the checkbox to 'Enable JobGetterloader.js to all pages'

You can also edit the look and feel of your widget by customizing the colors to suit your site.

Once you've configured your plugin, hit 'Save Changes'.

Add Widgets to your page or posts via shortcodes

You can now simply add Job Lists [wk-job-list] or Job Search [wk-job-search] widgets to display anywhere on your site.

Example of Job List Widget

Example of Job Search Widget